the main course in my table

Welcome to the biggest attraction and purpose of this place: the fanlistings! I don't like listing my pendings and upcomings here, but of course you can see my current and joined fanlistings! And if you're interested in one of my babies, drop me a note in the KIM list! Finally, if you want to see which sweets I'm craving for, have a look at my wishlist! Have fun browsing~

I love Yuu, even though he didn't wake my usual passion for blondies. I think that he's a great character, and has very strong dreams and ideas... the fact that he hides his feelings makes him really human.oh Meiko... I wish I had at least 1/10 of her maturity and coolness. I really wish I had a friend like her, as Miki has her. I admire her for keeping her cool, even with that horrible family she has, and the way she's always there for Miki.Ginta is, together with Miki, my favorite. I really, really feel identified with him - I have gone through the same as him, and trust me, it isn't easy. Whenever I see him, I have this urge to hug and pat him.To be honest, I didn't like Arimi at first. I don't usually like the "girl who gets in the way all the time", but Arimi is different. She is very sure of what she wants, and will do anything and everything to achieve it. And besides, she's so pretty!

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