that's how you taste, my love

that bittersweet addiction that is you

Welcome my dear visitor, to my breakfast table of sweet addictions, where all kinds of tastes are waiting for you! This is Aisuru Stuff, Yamila's fanlisting collective. What's a collective, you ask? It's the place where I show all the fanlistings I own at The Anime Fanlistings Network, The Fanlistings Network, and The Physical Fanlistings! If you see something you like, please join a fanlisting or two!

You are seeing AS in its 13th version, titled Bittersweet, featuring the naive, adorable heroine of the anime/manga series Marmalade Boy, Koishikawa Miki, as a part of the Classics Layout Marathon! I hope you have fun browsing the different sections; the navigation is below Miki :3

(who wishes she were as pretty as Miki ;_;)

collective statistics

so, how is the breakfast table like?

We currently have a total of 158 owned fanlistings, with a total of 12555 members listed in them, plus 51 waiting for approval. As a fan herself, Yamila has joined a total of 1149 fanlistings.

Stuck in a Moment; the Classics Layout Marathon

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