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Aisuru Stuff (lame Japanese/Engrish for "The stuff that I love") is Yamila's fanlisting collective. The purpose of this site is to show the fanlistings I currently own, the ones I have joined, the ones I want, among other little things. :3 This site was first online in 2005 I believe (not really sure ^^;) and has changed homes a few times since then - from Geocities, to Amber's, to Buruma's, and finally at my own domain, Cielo Azul. I'd really like to thank both Amber and Buruma for giving me a home for such long time, and that even if I'm extremely happy in my own place now, I really miss you two ;;

Layout-wise, this is version 13 (ohh~ the good luck! lol), entitled Bittersweet. It was made for Stuck in a Moment - Terra's Classics Layout Marathon, and it features the adorable Miki Koishikawa from the anime, manga, and K-drama series Marmalade Boy I'd really like to thank Terra for her infinite patience with me, as I got terribly delayed with finishing the layout v_v

This layout is quite special, you know? I think it's my favourite now. Not because of the aesthetics, but because I feel it has a little bit of all my friends in it. Many people helped me while doing it, being it with coding, graphic advice, or just cheering me on when I couldn't stop complaining about it xD Sincerely, thank you all, guys, from the bottom of my heart, for contributing to the existance of this thirteenth version! *hugs them all*

The images used here are from Minitokyo, Digik, and Aethereality. The brushes are from Aethereality and DeSSiTa @ DA. The texture/pattern comes from Qi Lin @ DA (it was originally a texture, but I turned it into a pattern). Finally, the font used in the title is from Fonts for Peas.

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